Online Business Manager (OBM) PACKAGE

** 3 months minimum 

**Investment varies according to requirements


This is for you if you have …

• have an established business model 

• a team, but their duties are not properly

optimised; as a result, you're still doing most of the work 

• no processes and procedures in place


What you get : 

• A full audit of your team's responsibilities and systems recommendations to best optimise your business needs.   (inc. IT, Legal, operations, ergonomics, digital presence)

• Home ergonomic setup tips by Ally a Physiotherapist at YOUR_PERFECTPOSTURE

 to ensure that your everyday workspace is set up properly to prevent pain and injury (value at $189)

• Business Management- Create a plan to move you from stress to bliss from outsourcing, budget plans, team coordination and many more! 

• Operations Management -A thorough analysis of your workflow to understand your client' journey from start to finish

• Project Management: Main contact for your team to ensure that all duties are completed according to processes and procedures in place. 

• Scheduled weekly Catch Ups with me for the duration of our agreement. 

• Consistent communication upon the agreed platform

• CLICK UP Dashboard of all of the information we go over throughout our time together. 


** Please note the OBM package will require the Business Fundamentals call first!  If you do decide to move forward with other packages, right after the call, it can apply as credit for the package!** 


** Investment price does not include subscriptions to apps and systems recommended**